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5 Ways to Spice Up Your Sex Life

Posted by Peter Minkoff on 26th Jul 2017

I like you, please choke me till I orgasm – just a casual pickup line, isn’t it? Nah, not that upfront, really; but then again, something that has probably crossed our minds more than once, … read more

Mens Corsets

21st Jun 2017

Mens Corsets, Torsolettes, Bustiers, Sexy Mens Lingerie at Johnnies ClosetMens Corsets, Torsolettes and Bustiers, these names may seem a bit strange to most people, mixing the normal women's lingerie … read more

Mens Leather Underwear

30th Aug 2016

Mens Leather Underwear, Leather  Look Thongs, G strings and Hot ShortsSome of our men really love Leather Underwear and can be very particular how it looks and what type of leather it is made fro … read more

Mens See Through Underwear

23rd Aug 2016

Mens See Through Underwear, Mens Sexy See Thru Briefs, Sheer Thongs, G strings Jock Straps and Boxer ShortsHow cute is my man in mens see-through underwear, with his package just showing through in th … read more

Mens Fetish Underwear

23rd Aug 2016

Mens Fetish Underwear, Sexy Jock Straps, Thongs and Shorts in Lace, Fishnet and Latex and Leather Where do you start on the Mens Fetish Underwear topic, it a very large range of ideas and naug … read more

Male Power Underwear

9th Aug 2016

Male Power Underwear for our Men, Mens Specialty Thongs, G strings, Briefs and ShortsMale Power is a leading brand of mens underwear from the USA. As one of the most popular ranges of underwear, … read more

Posing Pouches

20th Jul 2016

Posing Pouches, Mens Pouches, Male Pouch Underwear, String Back PouchIt is time to break the normal habits and see what is really going on in the underwear world, strange that you haven't noticed the … read more

Mens Hot Pants

20th Jul 2016

Mens Hot Pants, Hot Pants for Men, Silver and Gold Shorts, Party Shorts for Dancers and Stage WorkCome on boys it is time to add some glitter to your wardrobe and spiff it up a bit. A little bit of fo … read more

Mens Christmas Underwear

11th Jul 2016

Mens Christmas Underwear, Christmas in July Undies, Thongs, G string and Briefs Who loves Christmas enough to do it twice a year, we do! Not only December but now Christmas in July is a hit an … read more

Men's Fashion Underwear

5th Jul 2016

Mens Fashion Underwear, the Latest Styles and Designs in Mens Undies and BriefsTimes are changing, men are not stuck with boring underwear any more, they can get into some fabulous new fashion undies. … read more