Opaque Crotchless Pantyhose Chaps Black

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Elegant MomentsSKU: EM-1835-BK-OS (mens S-M)

Sizes: Womens OS (mens S-M)
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Stretch nylon crotchless Chaps Pantyhose with diamond net top, stretches for every "body" Looks great under shorts or skirt for a sneak peak of what could happen

Accessories & G string not included

Size Chart

OS (mens S-M) Dress Size 8-12 Queen (mens L-XL) Dress Size 14-18
Bust - 32-38 inches (81-96cm) Bust - 40-44 inches (102-112cm)
Hips - 34-40 inches (86-102cm) Hips - 42-46 (107-117cm)

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