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Men's Thongs

Mens Thongs, Cotton, Silk and Microfibre, Soft Satin & Fishnet Thongs
This is where we have a collection of the more everyday Men's Thongs, underwear that can be worn comfortable under your clothes everyday. We still like to have something a little different in Mens Underwear so we try to select items that you don't see everyday either. We have ranges which includes our very sexy and soft silk Thongs with elastic bands and the V shaped back. Our Zakk range comes with the side clips for quick access and come in several colours including the very popular camouflage. Of course we have cotton Thongs in our range but we find that our customers prefer the stretch lycra, hot shiny satin, microfibre and sheer mesh Thongs with the comfortable thong back. If you are feeling you need a little party popper then check out our metallic foil Bong Tongs with that extra special party appeal or choose a great animal print in leopard, tiger and zebra to let the animal in you free. You can't go past our very colourful our Male Power stretch mesh Thongs with wide elastic bands for comfort and there is every neon colour available including hot pink, neon green, and bright orange, you will not be missed with our Thongs from Johnnie's Closet Men's Underwear - where we aim to please