Alluring Vinyl Menswear & Mens Underwear Pieces from Allure Lingerie

Vinyl is not a very common material to use for everyday clothing or underwear, however, once used correctly and interestingly, it brings out a very interesting statement piece that one would come to love. Allure Lingerie has come up with some pieces that break the mold of the menswear and mens underwear scene in the online market, providing stunning, sexy and alluring designs for mens fashion garments.

Hitting the club has an underlying factor of being noticed or being hit on… in a good way. What better way to get the attention you deserve than by having a look that will make them want you more. The Allure Lingerie Mens Wetlook and Fishnet Shirt is the perfect piece for showing off skin at the front and back, without being shirtless. It combines quality stitching for the mash up of the vinyl fabric and fishnet see through material that will surely make you the highlight of the night.

Nothing beats a covered up look with a surprise open back, and that’s what the Allure Lingerie Mens Cut A Way Shorts is all about. It is a stretch wetlook spandex long keg shorts with sexy opening at the back and some fine red stitching detail. It may looked covered up front but once you bend over, it will surely make ‘em crazy. Easy access is on point in this vinyl Allure Lingerie tease piece.

Show off your love for bondage and straps with the Allure Lingerie Mens Harness and Brief. A flaming hot combination look of a body harness that accentuates and emphasizes your upper body, and a brief with wide open cuts that reveal a generous amount of skin and minimal coverage. The look as a whole gives that magnetic and inviting sexual aura that is surely hard to resist.

Allure Lingerie sure knows how to manipulate vinyl fabrics and other interesting materials that make up a sexy mens underwear and menswear collection. Along with other known brands online today, adding some interesting mens underwear and mens lingerie pieces is fundamental especially if you find fetish and fantasy in quirky and playful underwear designs. For more of your most desired mens underwear, mens lingerie and menswear fix, visit Johnnies Closet for more amazing underwear finds.

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