Andrew Christian’s Latticework Thong Underwear Will Drive You Insane!

As if a see-through detail is not enough to bring out the sex appeal in mens underwear, Andrew Christian takes the extra mile in designing this insanely hot mens underwear piece. The Andrew Christian Lattice Lace Web Thong is all about visual stimulation that leaves less to the imagination. It is hardcore on line work and detail while showing off the goods! What’s also special about this piece is that it’s a “limited edition” style, meaning, it will never be made again once it runs out.

Just look at the latticework on the insanely hot new Andrew Christian Lattice Lace Web Thong mens underwear… the intersecting line pattern over sheer black fabric satisfies visual cravings for a show of skin. With the help of the signature Andrew Christian waistband with shimmering gold detailing and built-in Almost Naked pouch, you’ll feel like you’re not wearing anything at all! The brand has virtually eliminated sticking, squashing, re-adjusting, sweating and chafing, making it a perfect daily underwear that gets you ready for action. Also, your package will fall naturally into the anatomically correct pouch to create a truly enjoyable and unique wearing experience.

Be sure to check us regularly for more mens underwear looks from Andrew Christian . We’ll be updating our collections for this mens underwear brand. Andrew Christian is all about mens underwear styles that go beyond the limits of being extremely sexy but still functional and comfortable to wear. Shop safe from home and have your orders delivered to your doorstep in DISCREET PACKAGING. Splurge on mens underwear and mens lingerie styles and collections today! Visit us and shop at Johnnies Closet

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