Bare & Tease from Behind in These New Addition of Panty Bottoms from Secret Male!

Ranging from classic, erotic to fancy, Secret Male presents new additions to panty bottoms at Johnnies Closet in forms of bikini briefs, thongs and g-strings. Each pair presents a playful and intimate flare that will surely cater to men who have no inhibitions in wearing feminine underwear. We have lined up these mens underwear pieces for you and check out which ones tickle your mens lingerie fancy.

Bikini briefs are such a classic staple to mens underwear design and Secret Male knows their thing when it comes to adding a feminine flare to the classics. The panty bikini briefs from the brand’s collection are such an eyegasm that they play a trick to anyone who would see it. Up front is detailed in lace, all covered up, and once you check the back, it flaunts part of your butt cheeks in a teasing way. This feminine mens underwear design comes in three colours: black, red and white. It is made from stretch nylon material for a comfortable fit and has a strappy back with metal ring detail.

Another version of the bikini brief that is well-played by Secret Male is the micro bikini brief that has a sexier structure than the previously mentioned. It presents a luxurious aura with its fabric use and minimal lace detail as trimmings on the waist area. The magic in this feminine mens underwear lies at the back, with cut out openings that reveal your bum cheeks. A combination of nylon and spandex material was used to create this beautiful underwear piece, making you experience a classy feminine underwear for men.

Time to be more “lacey” in detail with a sexy-meets-sweet design. The men’s Secret Male lace thong comes in white, black and red colours. Each piece is adorned with a delicate satin bow front, adding a sweet touch to the entire mens underwear look. The lace is generously distributed at the waist as a thick waistband effect. Right at the back, the thong underwear structure is applied, showing off your round bums for flirting. Comfort and support are of the essence in this underwear piece as the pouch is made from stretch sheer mesh fabric, allowing to handle and size of a man.

If you’re all about being playful, naughty and sexy all at the same time, then this g-string thong crossover is perfect for you! The Secret Male G-string Thong with Ruffle Top underwear will leave a lasting impression. Whether you’ll want to wear it on your private moment alone or as a surprise to a special someone, you will surely succeed! This g-string thong mens underwear piece has a stretchy nylon spandex pouch that holds your treasure in place. It can also pack a huge one so whatever “size” you have won’t be a problem for this underwear. The fun part comes in the flirty ruffles trim that runs along the waist, very sexy and naughty until you show off the back.

We now go to the erotic mens underwear pieces that are daring to wear and leave almost little to the imagination. First is the Secret Male Satin and Lace Micro G-string that comes in Red, Blue and White colours. This is a men’s stretch nylon spandex and lace overlay micro Pouch G string designed with a fun strappy back. Looking at it, it looks a mini version of the other bikini briefs from the Secret Male mens underwear collection, providing on-point coverage while leaving the back almost bare and very inviting.

Another version of the feminine g-string mens underwear presented by Secret Male has a pouch that is made from stretch floral lace. And when this fabric is at play, it can only mean one thing… see-through! Yes, this underwear is a very sexy underwear tease piece that you would want to own for that hyped up sex appeal to your mens underwear collection. Also what’s exciting to look forward to is the double waist straps that crosses over to the back, making it the most daring from the featured collection.

Secret Male delivers sexy and feminine mens underwear pieces that tickles the man’s fantasy of wearing lingerie. Of course, mens lingerie is built differently compared to women’s lingerie but the amount of comfort and support is equally addicting and satisfying. For more selections of mens underwear and mens lingerie pieces online, simply visit Johnnies Closet and treat yourself with a wide selection of underwear pieces from known brands online.

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