Body Defining Sexy Subtlety from the Xtremen Jacquard Trunks

Trunks underwear aren’t too much known to be the sexy type of mens underwear, but what they do excel at is giving you the right amount of coverage, support and comfort. It’s more of the feeling when wearing it that gives it edge among the variety of mens underwear styles out there. One perfect example that delivers this experience is the Xtremen Microfiber Jacquard Trunks. Just wear a pair and you’ll know that being covered up is the next best thing to being naked.

What sets the Xtremen Microfiber Jacquard Trunks mens underwear from those in the market today is that it features a subtle design that really shows up as it stretches to form a sleek, body-defining fit that nicely accentuates your contours. It’s like having second skin without being fully exposed. These full-coverage trunks are ideal for any occasion that may arise within the day. Pouch is seamed for support and definition. Be it for a casual day out, sweating it out on the gym or teasing at the lockers, this mens underwear style will surely make you ready for anything.

Xtremen 51477C Microfiber Jacquard Trunks Gray Mens Underwear Johnnies Closet

Xtremen 51477C Microfiber Jacquard Trunks Blue Mens Underwear Johnnies Closet

It’s all about being sporty and sexy in the right balance when it comes to the Xtremen mens underwear collection.  Showcasing unique mens underwear designs for the modern man, each piece from the brand allows you to go about your usual routines, making it the perfect everyday underwear without setting aside the idea of being sexy. For more mens underwear pieces from this brand, alongside other known mens underwear brands, visit Johnnies Closet Stay safe and shop at the comforts of your own home, and have your orders delivered to your doorstep in DISCREET PACKAGING.

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