Classics Never Go Out of Style with the Unico Men’s Underwear Collection

It’s always refreshing to see a classic mens underwear look. With a vast number of mens underwear designs in the market today, it’s easy to get lost on what to get. Unico stays true to the classic mens underwear style with their briefs, boxer briefs and trunk underwear collection. Simple as it may seem, these high quality mens underwear are perfect for any occasion, presenting touches of colour on the waistband - Joyful, Illusion and Enchanted, to add to its fresh and clean structure.

The Unico Briefs are made from a super soft, stretch cotton blend fabric that lies flat against your body. Once you wear it, it’s like putting on a second skin, delivering a comfortable, barely-there fit. The breathable fabric makes this mens underwear piece wearable for any activity you may have for the day.
Unico 20160201104 Joyful Briefs

Boxer Briefs
A more athletic approach comes with the Unico Boxer Briefs. They feature a subtle design that really shows up as it stretches to form a sleek, body-defining fit that nicely accentuates your masculine contours. If you’re the type who loves more coverage for underwear, these full-coverage boxer briefs are a perfect choice for you. Ideal for any occasion too! The pouch is seamed for support and definition.
Unico 20160100203 Illusion Boxer Briefs

Trunks Underwear
If you prefer it a bit shorter than the boxer briefs, the Unico Trunks underwear is the right one to have. Made from 95% cotton and 5% elastane, this mens underwear piece follows your shape and form while keeping everything securely in place. It shows off a bit more legs plus the defined pouch gives you that comfortable cradle for your treasure as you go about your day.
Unico 20160100102 Enchanted Trunks

Unico Mens Underwear presents looks that are less complicated but with more appeal for the modern man on the go. Each piece is made with high quality imported fabrics that deliver a blissful and worry-free mens underwear experience for everyday wear. For more of their collections, visit Johnnies Closet at Shop at the comforts of your own home and have your orders arrive at your doorstep in DISCREET PACKAGING.

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