Daddy Underwear Flaunts Your Anatomy with their Mens Underwear Style!
It’s always about support and coverage when it comes to mens underwear designs and structure, so once these two goals are achieved, it would be easy to play with design and add more flavor to it. That’s what Daddy Underwear presents with their take on the thong underwear style for men. The men’s Daddy Underwear Ring Pouch Thong is a daring piece to own… wear it at your own risk!

On a sexier note, the structure of the Daddy Underwear Ring Pouch Thong can be considered as one of the unique sexy mens underwear pieces in the market today. Sure it has a highly erotic flare to it but it does not set aside the idea of comfort and support that a man needs. This mens underwear piece has a cap-like structure for the pouch, providing ample amount of coverage for any size. Thanks to the polyamide and spandex combination with the fabric, this mens underwear design will make you feel like you’re wearing a regular underwear… only better!

Further into details, this mens underwear piece wouldn’t be labelled as “ring pouch” for nothing. The pouch to waistband connection is put together by a metal ring, making it show off more skin. By now you should have figured that this mens underwear style is extremely revealing, and if you’re up to wearing this underwear style, that special someone who will see it on you will be awe-struck!

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