Fancy Panties for Men by the Controversial Secret Male!

Our newest brand Secret Male has made quite an amount of mixed reactions upon its release on our online shop and social media announcement with their line of bra tops for men. Good or bad, we always love being talked about and the fantasy for mens lingerie still lives on! Our market for men (and women) who love mens lingerie as part of their mens underwear collection will surely delight in these additional pieces of panty briefs that bring comfort and support to the male treasure.

Decorated with lace and a sweet tiny ribbon detail, the Secret Male Sexy Panty Brief features a simple, feminine and soft to the touch mens underwear that resembles a panty… but as we have said… for men. It is designed using a sexy nylon spandex mesh at the front for that package support that every man needs. Careful use of material is fundamental when playing around mens underwear designs and Secret Male sure knows how to play it well with this one.

Wearing a Secret Male Sexy Panty Brief can be very inviting and desirable. The back boasts an intricate and intimate detailing of floral stretch lace that gives your bum cheeks a nice snug and hug. Overall, the feminine look is adorned with a bow accent in a contrasting colour. Particular with your mens lingerie material? This panty brief is made from 92.23% nylon and 7.77% spandex. Having all the numbers of the fabric distribution, we can assure you a soft and comforting mens underwear experience while still being in touch with your playful feminine side.

As an added plus, there is also more playful version of the panty brief that will tickle your underwear fetish and fantasy. The g-string mens underwear of Secret Male sports a ruffle detailing around the waist, with a stretchy nylon spandex fabric that covers the crotch area. You can test its durability by working out in the gym in this pair… if you dare! Secret Male mens underwear and mens lingerie will surely let you go flirty, sexy and naughty anytime and anywhere.

Discover more designs of mens underwear pieces that cater to your idea of sexy and appeal. It’s never wrong to own a pile of underwear pieces as long as it works for you and your fancy. Go out and about in a wide selection of mens underwear and mens lingerie collections from known brands online, all in one place, at Johnnies Closet

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