Hooded Coloured Robes: A Peep Through Luxury from Woxuan

A new style of luxury meets street wear menswear piece is presented to us today, courtesy of the new brand to hop in Johnnies Closet. The Woxuan Mens Hooded Robe is a versatile menswear piece that embodies a luxurious robe design but with a sexier appeal to it. Some splash of colour and these pieces are ready, not just to wear at home, but can also be paired with your own everyday style. Let’s get to learn more about this interesting piece.

Pair it with your mens underwear of choice, a matching shorts (available separately), or your usual every day clothing, the Woxuan Mens Hooded Robe is a modern piece of menswear luxury and style. It presents a somewhat street and hip appeal without compromising the concept of sex appeal for mens clothing. Available in different colours, this men’s stretch soft net mesh sleeveless robe is designed with a easy to slip on hood and can be worn loosely and securely, thanks to its matching tie belt.

It’s very easy to create a head turning look with this menswear piece as you go about your daily activities to work, play, beach or anywhere you might think of. Get creative and snag this sexy menswear piece for your private moment in your choice of mens underwear or for special occasions too. With its holes that go overall the robe piece, comfort and sexiness are of the essence. Made from 77.5% polyamide and 22.5% spandex.

Woxuan is the latest brand to join the Johnnies Closet online store, presenting sexy menswear and mens underwear pieces in forms of robes, bikini briefs, shorts, thongs and more. Feel free to check out their latest collection, alongside other known mens underwear brands online. Visit us today at www.johnniescloset.com.au and get your orders dispatched 1-2 working days, arriving at your doorstep in DISCREET PACKAGING.

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