Johnnies Closet Presents Sheer Long Robes for more Intimate Moments!

Cover up to show off… quite a kinky idea that some underwear lovers dig, made possible by mesh fabrics incorporated to mens underwear, mens lingerie and womens intimate wear. The Johnnies Closet Sheer See-through and Lace Long Gown is one great example of such, delivering a feel and look of elegance of being all covered up but still showing off your best parts and assets inside.

The Johnnies Closet Sheer See-through and Lace Long Gown is a delicate sheer nylon Long Robe with floral lace trim around edges and sleeves. It comes with satin ribbon waist belt tie and matching G-string underwear. Because wearing robes gives that sensual feeling inside of ready-to-bear-it-all, this see-through garment already gives a generous hint of what’s inside. Whether you are wearing your favourite underwear or lingerie, it shows it all without having to be naked.

This sexy piece works well to add to your lingerie collection and the best part of it is that it caters to both sexes. Each Johnnies Closet Sheer See-through and Lace Long Gown is built with quality materials and sizing is made for any shape and figure, even for the man. Whether you plan to wear it on your grandest private moment at home or at a hotel, you’ll hit the mark of being sexy and sensual at the same time.

Women’s intimate wear can actually be worn by men to add to the growing market of mens underwear and mens lingerie pieces. From robes, g-strings, thongs and more, lace or mesh, underwear has become a versatile piece for anyone with an open mind and expansive fantasy for underwear. Looking for more mens underwear, mens lingerie and womens wear pieces that suit your taste? Simply browse through a huge selection of these amazing underwear pieces from Johnnies Closet

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