Make Room for Fetish Underwear Collections Delivered Fresh by Karen Space

Sleek and sultry. Those two words best describe the latest addition of mens underwear to the Johnnies Closet online shop. Focusing on feeding your fetish fantasies for underwear, Karen Space presents mens underwear styles that present a leather-like look and glossy aura that will awaken your inner dom and sub. Whether bondage is your thing or just a fan for high class mens underwear with a truly fierce and extremely sexy style, this collection is totally made for you. Get to learn more about the styles as we group ‘em for you.

Conservatively Wild
This conservatively wild selection from Karen Space is comprised of a suspender boxer shorts and the classic boxer shorts style. Each piece exude a high level of kink and sex appeal even when you’re all covered up down there. What sets each mens underwear piece apart is their structure, but all styles deliver comfort and support that you will need for an all day activity. Don’t mind getting freaky with your hook up or special someone as these fierce and fab boxer briefs underwear will surely leave a lasting impression.

Bipolar Options
We won’t judge your choices. You can go from a simple bikini brief lover to a kinky g-string swinger. Karen Space has both options that go from one end of the pole to another. The Karen Space low waist bikini brief presents a flattering fit that sits under the waist and can handle your package, no matter the size. It has a defined pouch front and keeps everything in place with the elastic waistbands. On the otherhand, the Karen Space low waist g-string gives off more show of skin on the sides and behind. It also has more pouch space while also delivering a nice view of skin all around your pelvic area.

Sporty to Kinky Real Quick
Sweat it out and perform your best while still being locker-room-tease-ready with the Karen Space jockstrap mens underwear collection. For this underwear style, you have the option of a net pouch that shows a nice silhouette of your treasure, while still getting the benefits of wearing a classic jockstrap. The other is very much package-friendly as it has more pouch room to give way to your size and movement as you play. The polyamide and spandex combination for this mens underwear style makes up for the comforting underwear experience you need to go about a rough and rowdy day.

“Shreddies” to Get Booty Spanked
Bare your bums and get that booty spanked with the selection of Karen Space thong mens underwear. Each style is designed with a variety of options to bare your bums for workin’. All light in fabric choice and presenting a wetlook style, these Karen Space thongs are a must-have to bring out that wild one in you. Choose from styles and levels of “bum showmanship”, guaranteeing that you will now get left behind with the sex appeal category. All designs will fit you perfectly and provide the comfort and support that you need, thanks to its 80% polyamide and 20% spandex composition.

Check out the Karen Space mens underwear collection available now at Johnnies Closet, and indulge yourself with a variety of fetish themed mens underwear options in styles of g-strings, jockstraps, thongs, bikini briefs and boxer briefs. Visit and shop now at and get your orders dispatched 1-2 working days, arriving in DISCREET PACKAGING.

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