Male Power Bamboo Lounge PJ Pants Lets You Sway in Comfort

The flow of comfort now flows effortlessly from the waist down. Male Power Bamboo Lounge PJ Pants is one of the best-selling piece in the Male Power underwear collection because of its high quality and high comfort feel from the Bamboo fabric material. It is stretchable, soft and supple; just some of the ingredients that makes an amazing lounge wear.

Sporting the signature Male Power elastic band, the Male Power Bamboo Lounge PJ Pants is not your typical pajama pants. No, it is not confined for use within the walls of the bedroom but also on other places where you want to unwind and relax with that feel of liberation amidst coverage. The secret of this lounge wear piece is the composition of its fabric: 95% Bamboo and 5% Lycra.

Now you can sway and lay all day with ease. Not familiar with bamboo fibre material for underwear or clothing? In a nutshell, bamboo fibre is a natural material that is very special and not commonly used in the market. As can be observed, cotton and polyester are conventional fabrics readily available and utilized in the clothing industry. Yes, these fabrics are comfortable but the bamboo fibre is a huge leap to a greater level of comfort; more like experiencing a sensual flow of silky fabric to the skin.

Just because it is a long pants design does not mean it will feel a bit hot in tropical or humid weather. The Male Power Bamboo Lounge Pants with its bamboo fibre material is a breathable and cool fabric, not to mention hygienic and great in absorbing water or sweat. Also, the fabric itself has a natural anti-bacterial property to ward off germs and odors… no need to throw it in the washer all the time!

Want to buy and experience the wonder of the Male Power Bamboo Lounge PJ Pants, along with other bamboo fiber men’s underwear designs from Male Power? Check out the collection available at Johnnies Closet

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