Male Power Introduces a Powerful Combination of Top and Bottom

Cotton and spandex, mixed together forms a very comfortable and securing garment that can be worn for almost any activity. Male Power introduces a powerful combination of a top and bottom that makes use of such fabric, giving out an overall look of modern and sexy athletic wear for men. The Male Power Men’s Cotton Spandex Mini Tank and Bikini work hand in hand in giving the male physique the accentuation it needs for an appealing look.

The Male Power Mini Tank is a cut above the rest, resembling a modified version of a body harness. It may be too short to become a tank top but it effectively works well in accentuating your torso, shoulders and chest. It is good enough to cover your headlights or let it peep through below the tank. Either way, it creates a stunning and powerful look for the man, with an athletic and hardcore sexy and sporty flare to it. It stays put on your chest area, running to the back, and you can boast the Male Power logo at the front.

Down below, the Male Power Bikini mens underwear that matches the top is just like the classic everyday underwear. What sets this apart from other mens underwear piece is that it is very versatile, allowing you to go from a regular day to a sweaty activity in the afternoon. It offers maximum stretch capacity, providing you with the right amount of coverage and support, without any worries of roll-ups on the edges despite movement. Made from 95% cotton and 5% elastane with smooth stretch cotton fabric, you’re sure to breeze through any day’s activity wearing this garment.

Both the Male Power Mini Tank and Bikini mens underwear piece are cool and breathable to wear. Just like the other Male Power mens underwear collections available at Johnnies Closet, you’re guaranteed to show off your sexy side without compromising comfort. Choose from a wide variety of mens underwear pieces from the famous Male Power mens underwear brand, alongside other known mens underwear brands online at Johnnies Closet, and have it delivered conveniently and in DISCREET PACKAGING right at your doorstep. Visit us today at

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