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Ahh, how easy and breezy are mens boxer shorts to wear?  As long as they fit comfortably round the waist – not too tight, not too loose… men can just slide on into them and the rest just hangs (we hope) nicely.  A lot of men however, like to wear no underwear which, for reasons known only to them… they get to enjoy the freedom of wearing nothing at all between their skin and their clothes.  It’s a personal choice thing of course.  But sometimes it’s a little safer, for want of a better word, to have some kind of underwear on… especially when  we have those inevitable bathroom accidents when it doesn’t matter how long you shake - there’s still a little bit of pee that sneaks out.  Definitely a no-no for a man wearing light grey business pants!  So the next best thing to ‘going commando’ is to wear mens boxer shorts which provide at least one layer under our clothes… even if solely for the purpose of random wee absorption.
That’s disgusting!  I hear you cry.  Mens boxer shorts have better uses than that!  Yes they do, I agree.  If a man isn’t rushing around all day, but is stuck at a desk, or driving a truck, or sitting in front of the telly (oh you poor thing), then there’s no need for underpants that are big on the support front.  If there’s no chance of anything vigorous taking place in a man’s day, then why not just keep everything loose and carefree and let the boys swing free for a change.  If he intends on having a family one day, then the healthy option is to wear less restrictive underpants such as a good quality pair of mens boxer shorts – in cotton fabric, so everything can breathe!
A further positive point to throw in about mens boxer shorts is that they work superbly when worn as pyjamas.  Boxer shorts that are made of silk or satin fabrics are sexy, soft and smooth.  Perfect for slipping and sliding around in between your bed sheets… or for whatever bedtime activity you like.  They are the ideal underwear slash pyjama-wear for wearing on hot, balmy nights when a man is grateful for a bit of cool airflow around the nether regions.   Your poor widdle testes aren’t being pushed up next to your way too warm body, and your schlong can hang free under your mens boxer shorts.  That means there’s less chance of getting all hot and bothered, unless of course you’re with a gorgeous, hot blonde vixen and that was the feeling you were aiming for…

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