Mens Hot Pants

Mens Hot Pants, Hot Pants for Men, Silver and Gold Shorts, Party Shorts for Dancers and Stage Work

Come on boys it is time to add some glitter to your wardrobe and spiff it up a bit. A little bit of foil goes a long way and these special stretchy shorts are one of our most popular products. Shown on many stages across the world, glittering under the bright lights, strutted down the Mardi Gras street or used as a private party theme, these shorts can go a long way in your fashion wear. Be the flashest one dressed in this sexy little number and just imagine that looks you will get - good or bad (Be A Dancer) and  you will never be missed out. Bring out your wildest glitter and glam in these hot hot little shorts and slink your way across the stage or life.

These foil shorts have a defined pouch front to show off your best bits in Silver, Red and Gold and they come in most sizes S M L XL  - check them out at Johnnies and add these to your wardrobe and show off your style.

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