Mens Lace Underwear

Men are buying lingerie for themselves, not just for the ladies in their lives. I would say that at least 20% of our men are purchasing some very sexy lacey lingerie and underwear made especially for men. This is no longer a Rocky Horror show with Gartered lingerie on an actor - it is here now for our men and here to stay.

Men are slowly slipping into womens clothing, the genders are merging in many ways. Who Said! that men can't wear something that is also worn by a women, times are changing and the world of fashion is ready for the change. No longer do men have to sneak around on a womens lingerie websites to try any buy something for themselves and worry about sizes and fit, designers are now making the lingerie in mens sizes and style to suit their body shape

It was always considered to be a naughty and kinky crossdresser that would even look at wearing sexy lingerie and always behind closed doors, it was always a taboo subject and never spoken about. Men would have to go into their wives drawers to tease and titillate in the feel of silk, satin and lace in panties, bras and cami tops, not always being able to wear the styles as they just too small, but they could always fantasize! 

We are not talking about womens lace underwear marketed for men, we are talking about mens lace underwear made for men!  Now, brands like SpanglaJoe SnyderMale PowerCandyManPetitq at Johnnies Closet are catching on and have some very sexy mens lingerie and Xdress, Lace Briefs and Panties with the extra bulge in the front (nothing is worse that having to fit the manhood into a small package) Sheer and lace G strings and thongs for extra sexy appeal and don't forget the pretty colours in flowers and hearts - there is a hugh selection in the mens underwear industry.

Check out our favorite lace underwear picks to find a pair that works for you!


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