Mens Underwear, What About Mens undies

Mens Underwear, What About Mens Undies

And now a word about Men’s Underwear….. For goodness sake, we bang on about the What’s Hot and What’s Not in women’s lingerie all the time – there are shops dedicated to it!  And all the magazines and every bit of junk mail in our letterboxes is chocker with pictures of women’s boobs and bums and how to make them (and all their bits) look better in their underwear. 
BUT WHAT ABOUT MENS UNDERWEAR?  Aren’t the blokes in our lives allowed to feel sexy and attractive under their clothes too?  Or, more to the point - out of them?  Our poor old husbands, partners, fathers and brothers, friends and lovers, are just left to coast along in their usual nonchalant, happy-go-lucky ways.  She’ll be right mate…with the same tatty, old undies they’ve had year, after year, after year.  Yawn.  No imagination involved; no breaking out of the mindset that these are what I’ve always worn and they do me just fine thank you very much.  No need to get me any new sexy, exciting knickers for MY birthday – I’ve got me ol’ Faithfuls don’t you worry about me and put the kettle on will you Love?
Well I can guarantee you blokes, Men’s underwear has come a long way since you were a boy!  There’s no need to continue wearing the same boring old practical briefs you wore when you were ten (except they’d be bigger of course….hopefully?).  Heck if you looked in the shops your eyes would pop at some of the fantastic and inventive range of Men’s undies they have now.  There are still the good old cotton Men’s briefs and boxers that you know and love, but the fabrics for Men’s underwear have improved and the selection is limitless in shape, colour and texture.  And yes they’re good for comfort, playing sport, digging a hole and that trip to the doctor you know you have to face.  But what about when you put your party clothes on?  Or when you’re taking that special someone on a romantic picnic beside the lake…just the two of you…alone in the moonlight..sipping champagne and feeling close and cosy under the love rug.  Things get hot and heavy…my god it’s now or never…..
And there YOU are in your ugly old, saggy-bummed gruts…still with the grass stain that won’t wash out from the most excellent game of footy where you scored that winning goal two years ago.  Say goodbye to your lover now mate! Once they’ve seen what’s on under your jeans, it won’t matter what’s IN them – it will be over before you even start. 
Investigate it thoroughly.  Shopping for Mens Underwear is a serious business and until you have it organised in your head, you won’t understand what’s actually out there and how it can suit your specific needs.  And it is not a case of one style to suit all - you won’t get away with buying eight pairs of the same underpant.  There are different undies for different jobs.  And sometimes its not a case of BIGGER is better…well not the size of the underpants anyway!

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