Miami Jock New Mens Underwear Collection Binds You Up in a Strappy Situation!

Boxer briefs, jockstraps and g-strings get a wild overhaul of hyped up sex appeal courtesy of Miami Jock. There is no questioning what this brand is all about as they present a line of strappy mens underwear pieces that provide support for the male treasure while still being overtly revealing. From the aforementioned mens underwear styles, you’ll drool and desire to try the flaming hot pieces for yourself!

There are no holds barred in this mens underwear feature as we take on the most revealing mens underwear piece in the collection. The Miami Jock Mens Strappy Ladder Pouch G-string resembles a ladder-like structure at the front, more like an ensemble piece of stripes that will hold yet reveal your best bits. Wearing this will have a guaranteed turn on as it lets your treasure easily pop out and get the attention it deserves. Support is never out of the question and this mens underwear design provides a good amount of it with its polyester and spandex material, except, as mentioned, it does leave nothing to the imagination.

Moving on to another mens underwear style from the collection plays with body harness structures with an attached underwear… or something like that. These Miami Jock Mens Strappy Bodysuits have a variety of revealing levels that take the style of a jockstrap and even an open front and back underwear. All of these bodysuit styles scream bondage and if you’re a fan of the practice then getting one (or all) for yourself is a no brainer. All of the strappy bodysuits in this Miami Jock collection will fit perfectly, being made with a wetlook polyester and spandex material. Some have metal ring details for an added appeal.

Another interesting strappy mens underwear design in the collection takes the form of a boxer brief with an attached “pseudo” suspender detail. The Miami Jock Mens Pouch Front Boxer Brief with Braces focuses the coverage on the pouch while showing off everything else through the colourful mesh fabric. Available in red and blue colours, this mens underwear style makes use of a stretch mesh sheer material, matched with a metallic front pouch that appears to be somewhat detached from the entire underwear design. This effect gives way to a peep hole detail at the front and the braces go over your body up to the back.

Judging from all of these new mens underwear pieces by Miami Jock, picking one that suits you might take a lot of time so best if you try one of each! All of the designs are of high quality, revealing as they may, are also very durable and can catch up with your levels of kink and naughtiness. As for whatever occasion, these mens underwear styles guarantee to catch attention and will have people or your hook ups talking.

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