NEW ARRIVALS: Bum Flaunting Thong Underwear for Men by Spangla Collection

A good pair of thong is fundamental to any mens underwear and mens lingerie fan because of its bum-flaunting feature. The thong mens underwear design is very intimate, appealing and accentuating especially if made with a particular fabric that can turn on your wild side from simply wearing it. These Spangla collection thongs are feminine in look but made for the male body, adding more sex appeal to those with a particular taste for mens underwear.

Starting off with the simple pair that is sleek, supportive and comfortable for all day wear. This Spangla Mens Lycra G-string Thong underwear fits almost any body type and can adjust to your movement whatever activity you may roll through the day. The fabric is of stretch spandex lycra that has elastic sides and waist, resting discreetly under any piece of clothing you may have. Also, the material allows perfect support your treasure and bulge, whatever size you may carry. Available in Black, White, Red, Violet and Blue colours.

Clashing two intimate fabrics together forming one sexy intimate mens underwear piece is the Spangla Mens Feminine Lycra and Lace G-string Thong underwear. This lingerie piece also has a stretch spandex lycra base, adorned with intricate floral lace design that runs on the front pelvic area. It is elasticized for a perfect fit and added with a sweet touch of satin bows at the front. This is a perfect surprise piece for whoever you want to share your sexy nights with.

Lastly, every mens lingerie fan would love a lace overall underwear, and that’s what the Spangla Mens Lingerie Thong G-string is all about. Available in White and Black colours, it may be basic in shade but generous in showing off your most treasured pieces underneath, thanks to the stretch floral lace fabric used for this feminine mens underwear design. It provides a good fit and snug for any size of bulge you may carry and everything will be held in place with the elastic waist and legs area. Simple, pretty, naughty. CHECK!

The Spangla collection sure has a lot of mens underwear and mens lingerie designs to offer, catering more to the man’s fantasy of feminine underwear and love for lingerie for men. Sexy and arousing designs are a plenty! No need to waste time in searching for unique mens underwear and mens lingerie pieces as you can all scout, spot and shop them easily at Johnnies Closet

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