New Brand Xtremen Presents “Glamour in Simplicity” with the 91021 Mens Underwear Collection

Microfiber fabric for underwear is a very economical and versatile route for mens underwear designs because it works both as a regular underwear for your daily wear or can also be used to plunge in the water. The new brand Xtremen presents their 91021 Microfiber Brief that embodies glamour in simplicity with the use of modern base tones and bright contrast colours for lining.

It’s all modern and somewhat futuristic with the design concept of the Xtremen 91021 Microfiber Brief. Just as athletics and classics mashed together create an amazing underwear piece for today’s generation, this mens underwear piece allows you to go about your daily tasks and other in-betweens. From a usual day at work to a sweat filled workout at the gym, and even a surprise plunge at the pool or beach, the microfiber fabric of this versatile piece allows you to accomplish just about anything.

The Xtremen 91021 Microfiber Brief is a low rise, lean cut bikini-style design and provides total coverage on the back that guarantees to give you comfort-ability, support and sexiness, all at the same time. It is made from the high quality materials such as 65% Polyester, 25% Nylon and 10% Elastane. The smooth microfiber fabric of this mens underwear style keeps everything in place and allows you to breeze through any task for the day with ease, thanks to the elastic waist and leg trim that ensures a secure fit. Emphasis on breezing through any task, this underwear material is light and airy against your skin.

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