PetitQ Shows the Sexy in Underwear Asymmetry

When choosing your daily underwear you tend to get limited to styles like the classic brief cut, boxer briefs, boxer shorts, jockstraps, g-strings and thongs. PetitQ underwear has come up with an ingenious way of delivering sexy underwear with the use of asymmetry where it stands out of the mens underwear mold. Of course, a little or generous show of skin adds appeal on the market.

Tinkering on the bikini cut underwear, the PetitQ Gladiator Bikini Brief is a sexy warrior of its own. It has an asymmetrical structure that gives a nice show of skin on the waist and an added fishnet effect on the sides. With this semi-revealing structure for mens underwear, it still delivers its purpose of support and comfort for long day wear. The PetitQ Gladiator Bikini is a modern style bikini with a few stylish details that really make it a cut above the rest. The thin spaghetti strap and mesh panel on the side give it just enough “oomph” to really boost your booty.

If this is still too conservative for you then the PetitQ Bare Back and Side Briefs is your best bet! The asymmetry is in the cut out opening that shows of skin on the front and lets that but line reveal at the back. It also shows off your waist on one side while covering the other. Truly, it is a uniqe addition to any underwear collection especially if you’re a huge mens underwear fanatic. This state-of-the-art-sexy design also exudes an athletic, sporty and sexy look and will surely grow to be your favorite in your underwear stash. It also provides good support and comfort with its material composition of 93% nylon and 7% spandex. Because it is made from stretch microfiber, it is silky soft and breathable, stretches to form a body defining fit.

Choosing the perfect pair of mens underwear or mens lingerie is fundamental for any man because you need that support for your daily activities. An added plus of course is the sexy factor of the design as you also may encounter some good time with someone within the day. Score the best quality for mens underwear and mens lingerie online from known brands and have it delivered right at your doorstep! Check out the huge selection of underwear at Johnnies Closet

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