Pistol Pete Underwear’s Take on the Lace Bikini – And We’re Loving it!

Not too feminine and not to boring either, that’s a perfect combination for a lace bikini that men can dig… or atleast those who are more open minded with their mens underwear fantasies. Lace has been a staple for feminine underwear, bringing about comfort for all day wear. And most men pull out an all day and all night work, requiring them to be a their most comfortable under their pants. Here’s a look on Pistol Pete’s take on the Lace Bikini Brief and why it’s perfect to add to your mens underwear collection.

The Look. If you noticed the other collections of mens underwear made by Pistol Pete, it mostly has that macho to athletic feel to it. And the Pistol Pete Lace Bikini Brief fits just right in, only a bit on the softer side of thing. If you’re keen on trying out feminine mens underwear designs, here is one style to start with. The bikini brief is made from sexy sheer lace fabric that provides comfort and support to your treasure for a long period of time. The see-through effect has a dual purpose of allowing air in and out, and also be a tease piece when unexpected things come around. The wide elastic waistband with the signature logo of Pistol Pete adds to the sporty aspect of the underwear design.

The Structure. Unlike the lingerie for men that you see online today which are very minimal in coverage and fabric use, the Pistol Pete Lace Bikini Brief mens underwear takes on the classic brief as structure. The only thing that changed is the fabric that was used. This mens underwear structure and design makes it very appealing in an inviting and naughty way… close to almost leaving nothing to the imagination. Though most underwear lovers don’t mind wear see-through underwear, this bikini brief will let those who see crave for more. The Pistol Pete Lace Bikini Brief mens underwear is made from 84% Nylon and 16% Spandex.

Pistol Pete mens underwear brand has just made its way at Johnnies Closet and soon, will have more collections to feature. If you’re looking for more mens underwear styles with a feminine and playful flare, check out a huge selection of mens underwear pieces at Johnnies Closet, shop and have it delivered in a very special packaging right at your doorstep. For more mens underwear and mens lingerie styles for known online brands, visit us today at https://www.johnniescloset.com.au

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