Sexy Sense of Luxury in the Joe Snyder Stretch Mesh Long Pants

If being all covered up ain’t your thing when it comes to clothing, then perhaps a very inviting mesh long pants would change your mind. In today’s feature, we present the Joe Snyder Stretch Mesh Long Pants that goes with the basic and classic tones of black and white, contrasted with a high level of sex appeal thanks to the see-through effect it delivers. Get to learn more about this relaxing lounge wear as you read on.

The Joe Snyder's Sheer Lounge Pants will be your new go-to sweatpants if you are not even a fan of one. Made of a luxurious blend of nylon and lycra, this loungewear staple is ultra soft and comfortable. It's also made of a sheer fabric that is light and breezy - not to mention sexy with the see-through effect of the material! These high quality lounge pants are available in black and white and are suitable for a variety of activities; from relaxing at home to hitting the beach to walking home after the gym. Other stylish elements include the plush waistband and moisture-wicking fabric to ensure you remain fresh and cool all day long. Pair it with your favourite tank top or t-shirt and you are good to go!

If you love to add a little tease factor to this menswear staple, simply wear your favourite mens underwear style and it will surely be a delight to see underneath that mesh. Joe Snyder is a purveyor of effortless sex appeal that are greatly expressed in their mens underwear designs and collections. Johnnies Closet proudly presents this underwear brand alongside other known mens underwear brands online. Visit us at today and treat yourself with a wide selection of underwear styles for men. 

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