Sexy Time and Bed Weather Lace PJs from Candyman Fashion

Whether the weather is making you feel like not going out of bed, cozying up in the bedroom or teasing your special someone on a sleepover, lace fabric will always be a good comfy and intimate piece to wear… aside from wearing nothing at all. Candyman goes all generous in the use of lace detailed fabric and the teasing see-through effect of their lace long PJ pants.

Relaxed in fit and very erotic in overall look, the Candyman Lace Long PJ Pants are a must have for your sleepwear collections. It is the best garment to have on those lazy days and private moments, alone or with someone. This long PJ pants is definitely one of a kind, relaxing and freely flowing from your waist down. It definitely is an inviting garment for men with that irresistible see-through effect brought about by the detailed lace fabric.

Available in Red and Black colours, the Candyman Lace Long PJ Pants looks chic for a menswear piece, “stash-worthy” to your mens underwear collection. This allover lace pants features the signature Candyman logo on the elastic waistband. It may be long in length but generous with the show of skin. Low rise in fit, this will give you a sexy and romantic look every time you put it on. Made from 99% Nylon and 12% Spandex, these babies’ smooth microfiber material provides comfort at its finest, with wide legs area for an added liberating feel.

Collecting mens underwear and mens lingerie pieces are a good thing to do being the modern man of today that loves a hint of kink and sex… sleepwear and lounge wear pieces are also worth looking into! Enjoy a selection of mens sleepwear and lounge wear collections, along with stunning and unique mens underwear and mens lingerie designs in one online shop. Check out Johnnies Closet today!

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