Spandex and Mesh Take Over in these Mens Underwear Styles from Daniel Alexander

Once you learn about mens underwear being made with spandex, you should be able to perceive that it’s durable, well-fit and may also be used as a swimwear piece. Daniel Alexander have just released very sexy cuts of thongs and g-string mens underwear designs at Johnnies Closet that plays with spandex and mesh creatively. Each piece can surely take on any size of package, provide a good amount of support and coverage, while keeping you sexy all day long. Read more about it down below.

See-through Mesh Micro Thong. Talk about a match made in heaven, the Daniel Alexander See-through Mesh Micro Thong is a heavenly mens underwear piece that visibly shows the harmony of spandex and mesh materials. The stretch sheer see through mesh fabric runs halfway on the pouch, lining the waist and up to the back. Also, the contoured pouch front is supported in spandex where it meets the mesh, creating a naughty peek-a-boo effect. It will surely let you feel the support you need, whatever activity you may face for the day as it has a spandex waistband for a nice fit.

Spandex Thongs with Mesh Sides. Sexy in subtlety is best expressed with the Daniel Alexander Spandex Thongs with Mesh Sides. Here, the mesh fabric only runs on the side of the Thong mens underwear design, giving that little hint of skin. Of course, this underwear, overall, has a very sexy cut to it already and it is matched with a sexy pouch front with the sides sloping up to give a V-look front. It may look small but thanks to the spandex material, this mens underwear piece can handle any girth and manhood size. Try it!

Spandex G-string. Sporting an athletic look for a very sexy mens underwear style is the Daniel Alexander Spandex G-string. There are no mesh fabrics on this one but the sex appeal relies more on the cut and show of skin at the back. The stretch spandex material is very noticeable at the G-string’s pouch front for a secured support. It is styled with contrast colours and what makes it different from other G-string underwear in the market is the double strap back to string. It gives you an exact amount of coverage at the front while it reveals the glory of your perky bum cheeks.

Daniel Alexander makes it way to Johnnies Closet, providing you with high quality enticing mens underwear pieces that guarantee durability and comfort. The brand, alongside other known mens underwear brands, present various looks that will cater to your mens underwear fantasies. Visit Johnnies Closet today for more mens underwear and mens lingerie selections, shop worry-free with our DISCREET PACKAGING for all orders, and have your items of choice dispatched within 1-2 business days. Check out Johnnies Closet today!

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