Spangla Designs Make Good Combinations with Cherries and Mysteries

How do cherries and mysteries look good together? Leave it to Spangla Designs when it comes to making prints and patterns work. Their latest design presents a strong, dark with a hint of sweetness collection, alongside a tricky fabric design that makes it look like real lace. As Spangla loves to put it on their signature mens underwear and lingerie structures, we break it down to you gently and let you soak in on the elegance of their latest pieces.

Bra Tops for men, as made by Spangla, are as easy as putting on a tank top. Here we get a unique structure that is specifically designed for men with this type of fetish for intimate wear. The printed bra tops have a slight contour at the front but not going all out “busty.” It retains and fits to the chest form perfectly and can easily be adjusted to your desired fit with the elastic shoulder straps. It has a silky satin feel to it, making it comfortable to wear all day long, under your choice of clothing. No back or front locks for this bra top design; easily slip it on over the head like your typical tank top.

When it comes to bottoms to match, we have a variety of designs to choose from. The thongs, g-string and mini boxer briefs provide a luxurious, comforting and supportive feel upon wearing, thanks to its stretch spandex material. It’s main goal to give a nice cradle effect to your treasure is achieved through the contoured pouch front. You can also guarantee that it will stay in place because of the elastics around the waist and legs. Feel free to mix and match them to your desire or wear them separately… your imagination and fantasy is the limit.

Spangla Designs creates a a fun and quirky mens underwear and lingerie experience that truly caters to a man with specific taste. Each design of the collection can easily be manipulated and personalized, depending on one’s shape and size. Johnnies Closet presents this amazing mens underwear brand alongside other known mens underwear and mens lingerie brands online that you can easily order and delivered to your doorstep in DISCREET PACKAGING. Visit us today at

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