Spangla Mesh Pouch G-Strings Works Discreetly Under Your Clothes

Wearing an underwear style that seems like you’re not wearing any underwear at all can be compared to being in a cloud 9 of comfort. As going commando has its own share of lows, the Spangla Mesh Pouch G-string is the type of mens underwear that is close to feeling naked underneath. It provides you with the support you need, breathability, and all-day comfort on your busy days.

The Spangla Mesh Pouch G-string underwear sits below the waist, and as minimal as it is, it would look like you’re not wearing underwear at all when you go topless. This sort of miracle worker is a sexy wonder of its own. The mesh material at the pouch area gives that see-through effect… and who does not love a hint of see-through? Coverage and support provided by the pouch is just right and no extra fabric goes unused. It also has thin elastic straps on the waist and back that’s why it can look like it’s not there at all!

If you are wearing a think bottom garment, it may look like you have gone commando for a day as this mens underwear design has no seam at the front. It is smooth to the skin and gives you that sense of liberation without feeling overly exposed under your pants. The Spangla Mesh Pouch G-string underwear come in 4 colours to choose from, which are purple, red, blue and hot pink, all showcasing your treasure in a gradual way.

No need to risk not wearing any underwear under your pants or shorts and grab a pair of the Spangla Mesh Pouch G-string underwear today! If you are looking for more sexy g-string underwear designs, along with other mens underwear and mens lingerie pieces from known brands online, visit Johnnies Closet at

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