I like you, please choke me till I orgasm – just a casual pickup line, isn’t it? Nah, not that upfront, really; but then again, something that has probably crossed our minds more than once, especially when a hot person gives us a look. Oh, well.

Sex is a game of passion, need and attraction, but unfortunately, even though absolutely aware of its importance for our mood, health and overall pleasure, we’ve managed to categorize it into one of those dull, mundane errands we do every other week. Blasphemy. Hey, but we’re not entirely to blame; it’s the world we live in, and a series of commitments we hope to stay focused on and do that, at the end of the day, we are so exhausted that we don’t feel like even lifting a finger, let alone lifting his/her shirt up and pants down. But that can change, promise.

For all of you sexy beasts out there, here are a few tips that will make the whole sex game way more attractive and fun, and get your appetites escalating (not to mention your juices flowing)!

Find the Holy Grail between his/her legs


Why have we turned oral into a foreplay when the act itself is so exciting that, when done properly, can move the skies! Instead of being a typical, boring couple that triggers their sex mood by paying twominute attention to their partner’s genitals, be the one who gives it full attention. Yes! Go down on him/her till they cum. Make it sensual, make it hot, make it exciting. They’ll love you for it.

Do a little porn

No, nobody’s suggesting to go Kim-Ray J on your bedroom time, but rather keep the visuals pornworthy. For instance, girls – keep your heels on even when you are in bed or initiate a doggy on your living-room sofa while wearing nothing but those heels and keeping your hair down so your partner can pull it. Guys, keep your eyes open (although we hope this goes without saying) and focused on your partner, regardless of the sex act at the moment – you down, between her legs, on top of her or behind her. Caress her, kiss her. Choke her (lightly). Find your thumbs way into her mouth. Hold her so tight that she’ll get aroused by feeling how much you want her. Naturally, all you do has to be limited to what you know your partner will love – don’t ever make them uncomfortable for the sake of your own fantasy.

Get nasty, you little freak


“If you find someone attractive, you’ll like them even in their sweats!” Blah, blah, blah… sure, it’s true, but let’s make things a little more fun than that, shall we?  Sexy dresses, bondage, chains & belts, sexy hosiery, roleplaying… anything you feel (and know) will get those sex juices flowing! Sex should be everything but boring, so take a risk! This goes for everyone, not just long-term couples. You know how girls always  want to know how to get your ex back? Well, sexing him up real good may just be it. The same goes for guys, for sure. Sex is a parameter of a relationship, so make sure you help things stay healthy.

Go slow-mo and love it

No, you don’t have to be an animal to make the sex feel amazing and be as passionate as ever. It’s all about the connection and acting the way you feel. If a particular moment dictates a little slow-mo, with a lot of hugs, kisses, closeness and holding, go for it. The fact you’ve connected with someone on such a level will be just as exciting (if not even more) as, say,  bondage or sex in public. Embrace it!

Good morning, sunshine

What’s as hot as surprising your partner with a gentle wakeup penetration or felacio/cowgirl? Nothing! Not even a French breakfast feels as good as sex in the morning does. Get your  personal lubricant on and call it a morning, for real!

Enjoy your sex adventures and turn them into little escapes to the land of pleasure – your life will thank you for it. 

Peter is a men's lifestyle writer at High Street Gent and The Gay UK magazine from UK, living between London and Brisbane! Follow Peter on  Twitter for more sex tips.

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