When you think of giving him a birthday gift, do you want to give him something he’ll like for a day, or something he’ll love until you two destroy it completely during a night of uncontrolled passion? That’s right, you want to give your man a gift so deliciously perverted that the mere thought of it sends shivers down your spine and right in between your thighs. Here to quench your thirst for passion, love and adventure are the perfect gift ideas for sexy guys!

Officer, have I been a bad boy?

Ever dreamed of being subdued by the long arm of the law? Or receiving mouth to mouth (that’s just foreplay) from a sexy fireman after being rescued from a burning building like a kitten from a tree? Well, no need to go start a fire somewhere, your bedroom will do just fine.

You’re a human being, a passionate one at that. You let your imagination run wild all day long until work is finally over and it’s sex o’clock for the rest of the night. There’s no better way to indulge in your vibrant fantasies than to dress him up in your new favourite cosplay costume, such as a cowboy suit or a police officer with, oh would you look at that, a pair of bottomless undies.

Lace him up so you can rip it off

Let’s face it: there are few things in life as arousing as a hunk sleeping bare ass naked next to you. But sometimes, you need to dress that booty up so that you’ll want to rip it all off afterwards! There are only so many undies and thongs you can bite through until you need a bit more material to make the moment of ecstasy last just a second longer until your lips reach the good, hard stuff.

This is where sexy PJ’s become your new best friends, lace ones in particular. If you put your teeth and nails into it, they’ll snap immediately, revealing what you’ve been dreaming of all day long. So, get your man a pair or two of sexy lace PJ’s to last you for, oh, maybe a night or two if you like playing rough. Otherwise, they can become your new favourite tease.

Make his knees tremble

When you finally do get down and dirty, you want to make your bedroom feel like the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge at midnight on New Year’s Eve - explosive, unforgettable, with the whole goddamn world watching in admiration! You want to make the night so utterly satisfying, that your neighbours don’t know whether to call the police, the exorcist or start bumping uglies themselves.

So how do you achieve this elevated state of passion, love and pure ecstasy? By getting your sexy boy some amazing sex toys, naturally. From dildos to vibrators, from penis rings to butt plugs, the bedroom is your dirty little playing field, and the referee is out for a coffee and a smoke. So go wild, and get nuts.

Tied up and tied down

Tied up, tied down, up against the wall - it doesn’t matter as long as someone gets spanked on the ass in the process! One of the biggest fantasies of any horny human being is to be dominated by a set of strong, sexy and unrelenting hands. So do your man a favour, tie him up, spank his ass red and watch him beg for more.

Oh, but the fun doesn’t stop there because you’re next. You’ll need some serious BDSM gear to transform your leather fantasy into an orgasmic reality, something that won’t tear or break easily, something that can go all night long. A three-in-one bondage set should do the trick.

A road trip to remember

The perfect birthday gift is not about giving material things per se, it’s about giving material things that will spark an adventure to remember. And an outdoor adventure might just be the thing your sexy little devil wants for his birthday. So rather than confining yourselves to your old setting, take your adventures out on the road, and make a sex tour around the country!

Be sure to film your “travels” as well, so that they can later serve as a perfect reminder of the crazy times you had.

Birthdays are the perfect occasions for you to let your kinky imagination run wild and get your wonderfully tasty man the gift of a lifetime. So get spanking, get hard, and have fun! 

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