Be Bulge-tastic with Bulge Enhancing Underwear from Joe Snyder

Why rely on supplements to achieve an impressive bulge when a piece of underwear can do it for you? The Joe Snyder Mens Maxi Bulge Bikini collection is a miracle worker in adding that bulk factor to your bulge whatever bottom garment you choose to wear. It also is a sexy piece of mens underwear that shows off your good bits once you take your clothes off.

Wearing the right underwear to simply impress is now made possible with the Joe Snyder Maxi Bulge Capri Stretch Mesh Capri Bikini. This is just one version of the super hot capri style briefs in the collection that basically has a front pouch that is designed to enhance the appearance of your package. The cupping and lifting action works to create that bulge you've always wanted, and it doesn't go unnoticed. At the back of these briefs is a small amount of coverage for comfort, yet plenty of butt cheek is left out to be admired. And yes, the word “mesh” is in the works meaning a see-through feature is at play as well.

Another version of this sexy mens underwear piece leans more on the lingerie side for men. The Joe Snyder Maxi Bulge Stretch Lace Capri Bikini is just the same as mesh capri bikini, except it uses the lace fabric for that more feminine and intimate touch. Men who love lingerie will go gaga over this hot mens underwear style as it is durable for any body type. The narrow waist band shows off your hips to the best advantage. Also, no need to worry about stretching it in case you put on some weight as it these are made from 20% spandex and 80% polyamide for a comfortable snug , fit and sleek look underneath your clothes.

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