Sex Appeal in a “Pouch” – the Wonders of the Pouch Mens Underwear Style

Not too particular with coverage? Perhaps the pouch mens underwear style is suitable for your next underwear purchase. The Pouch underwear style is a unique kind of underwear design that only focuses on covering your treasure and leaving the rest in full exposure. It creates a visual delight for any one who loves seeing the male body in almost all of its glory and detail.

There is a growing number of variations of mens pouch underwear in the market today ranging from the string or g-string type and down to the pouch perse, having no straps around the waist whatsoever. Underwear designs are becoming more inventive, creative and sexual (at most), catering to the vast fetish and fantasies of men. The string or g-string type of mens underwear are the ones readily available and have been in circulation for quite some time now. It comprises of a supporting pouch with elastic strings that run and hug around the waist and down between the legs and butt cheeks.

Come the creative and more daring versions, the pouch mens underwear style becomes on point with some underwear distributors, allowing coverage of the crotch area only and securing it by being tied up around the penis and under the balls area. These exhibit a heightened level of sex appeal and it looks like only a few can pull it off. However, it depends on the persons limits when it comes to coverage and underwear preference on how far they can go with sexing up their personal underwear style.

Why do men prefer wearing pouch underwear designs? Perhaps for the fact that it can go unnoticed under any clothing, looking like they aren’t wearing any underwear at all. Another could be the reason of having a more liberal, playful and naughty preference for mens underwear. And lastly, perhaps they live by the “confidence is key” motto and the amount of coverage does not really matter that much.

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