Be on the Go or Lounge Around in a Pair of Clever Ideal Athletic Pants

Whether you’re a guy on the go or loves to lounge around and take things easy, a pair of Clever 0372 Ideal Athletic Pants will be a trusted companion for you. Made from the finest blend of USA and Colombian fabrics, this ankle pants style for mens underwear will provide you with a relaxing fit, movable coverage and functional support. It is designed to perfectly adjust to your mood for the day, whatever the weather.

Ideal for getting busy or just lying around, the Clever 0372 Ideal Athletic Pants deliver the right amount of comfort and support that you need, with the perfect amount of coverage. Thanks to a super soft stretch cotton fabric, these pants keep you cool when you're moving about or sweating it out hard at the gym. When it’s all warm and cozy, and you’re feeling the need to get a nice relaxation, it gives the right amount of snug that feels great to the skin. Try on a pair today and wear whenever the mood suits! Available in dark blue and green colours.

Clever 0372 Ideal Athletic Pants Green Mens Underwear Johnnies Closet

Clever 0372 Ideal Athletic Pants Dark Blue Mens Underwear Johnnies Closet

Clever Underwear knows a thing or two when it comes to providing a collection of simple, sexually appealing and functional mens underwear pieces that you can wear on a daily basis! With the choice for high quality materials worth boasting, wearing a pair of this mens underwear brand will surely prepare you anytime for any activity you may have for the day. Check out more mens underwear collections from this brand at Johnnies Closet Shop now at the comforts of your own home and have your orders delivered to your doorstep in DISCREET PACKAGING. 

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