Confined Sexiness as Presented by the Candyman 99542 Garter Bodysuit

Nobody likes to be confined in a cage, but if it’s a different type of getting locked up, we’d probably consider. The Candyman 99542 Garter Bodysuit gives an illusion of a caged body, giving it a nice silhouette plus a good tease of skin. Much like wearing a corset but more sensual and enticing, Candyman once again makes its mark in delivering a unique look for mens underwear.

CandyMan 99542 Garter Bodysuit Mens Underwear Johnnies Closet

The Candyman 99542 Garter Bodysuit is something worth adding to your collection of mens underwear looks, especially if you love this type of style that is just a standout from the rest. The transparent mesh on the abdomen gives that illusion of wearing a corset but not too constricted in snug and fit. It is combined with an opaque fabric on the pouch so that the goods will still be something to look forward to. The elastic straps allow for secure fit, and the overall look almost leave nothing to the imagination with its minimal rear coverage.

CandyMan 99542 Garter Bodysuit Mens Underwear Johnnies Closet

Candyman has done it, yet again, in pulling off mens underwear looks that tickle the imagination. Sharp, sleek, seductive and not for the faint of heart, their vast selection of diverse mens underwear looks are worth indulging yourself on! More mens underwear style from Candyman and other known mens underwear brands online at Johnnies Closet. Shop online today at the comforts of your own home, with your orders arriving in DISCREET PACKAGING. Visit us at 

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