Bra Tops for Men Do Exist… Thanks to Secret Male’s Latest Mens Underwear Collection!

No inhibitions… that’s what the latest brand to join the Johnnies Closet online shop stands for. Introducing, Secret Male, a mens underwear and mens lingerie brand that explores all possibilities for intimate wear for the modern man. Striking the mark of making impressions in the mens lingerie and mens underwear market is their release of Bra Tops for men, that comes with delightful panty briefs to match.

It’s not just about the creative use of floral lace and mesh fabrics that sets a mens lingerie piece a cut above the rest in the mens underwear market. One has to be bold enough to take the leap. Secret Male did just that with these comfortable and functional bra tops for men, that makes use of lace detailing, incorporating mesh with stretch fabrics, perfect enough to be worn discreetly underneath a man’s usual clothing. Daring as it looks, these bra tops for men are an easy fit and can be worn quickly just like wearing a shirt on and taking it off.

Each bra top piece for men designed by Secret Male puts to play a genius and modern mix of colours such as fuchsia and turquoise, with the basics of black and white as base. It goes from an all over floral lace bra top to a plain front with the intricate design focused at the back. Peculiar as it may be for any one who catch first glance with this mens underwear piece, it provides a soft and relaxing feel, playing with your underwear fantasies and getting closely in touch with your feminine side.

Secret Male has a lot to offer for any man who is not afraid to get in touch with his feminine side. Offering other intimate pieces like panty briefs and playful lingerie built for the masculine physique, you’ll be surprised and inspired to be treated with the other worldly and flamboyant dimension of mens underwear offered by Secret Male… presented and available now at Johnnies Closet

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