Vivid Decorative Stitches on a Male Power Shades of Grey Mens Underwear

With a ton of mens underwear design pieces out in the market today, one underwear design can easily drown and disappear from the limelight of mens underwear selections. Often, if it’s too sexy and popping in colour, it becomes more memorable and people tend to draw more to it. However, Male Power takes the risk of playing with a muted colour tone in their Shades of Grey mens underwear collection.

What makes this mens underwear design a cut above the rest is its use of a decorative stitching as an overall fabric for the underwear styles available. It is vivid and intricate, giving that look of a soft and comfortable cushion for your most treasured assets under your pants. The shades of grey collection works with the grey colour tone, mixed with a modern shade of purple that gives it a modern edge. Of course, a show of skin is not to be missed in this simple yet appealing mens underwear collection.

The Male Power Shades of Grey Bikini Brief showcases cutouts that run on the sides, still keeping you covered up and a tad bit modest. Being made from mens stretch poly spandex fabric, it guarantees support and comfort for any activity you might have for the day. It also sports the plush elastic waistband with the signature Male Power logo.

Something worth flaunting for all sides is the Male Power Shades of Grey G-string Thong that also has attention grabbing cutout windows on the sides. The back is not to be missed as well, being a thong mens underwear style, showing off your buns in a generous way. Just like the bikini brief version, this g-string thong mens underwear is surprisingly comfortable for long wear and can also get you through a hectic work day or a sweaty workout.

It’s easy to miss out and be updated with the latest trends in mens underwear and mens lingerie pieces with the numerous and amount of styles and collections available in the market today. Luckily, it is easy to catch up, browse through and purchase these interesting mens underwear and mens lingerie pieces having them all housed in one online shop. Treat yourself and delight your mens underwear heart to satisfaction with the available designs and collections from known underwear brands online at Johnnies Closet

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