Buckle Up as Male Power Treats You on a Wild Mens Underwear Ride!

Nothing says “wild” better than putting on the Male Power Brass Buckle Range ! This mens underwear collection puts together a wetlook spandex fabric and brass metal detail to create a fierce, modern and sexy mens underwear piece that will surely last a million fashion statements. The collection presents three mens underwear styles in the form of hot shorts/boxer briefs, jockstrap and thong underwear.

The Male Power Brass Buckle Wetlook Open Side Short underwear is perhaps the most versatile from the collection. It can go from your everyday underwear piece to a statement piece which you can wear on your own. Whether for parties or private moments, this hot shorts lets you feel the support and cover that you need, except for that extra opening that is visible in all three underwear styles. The pouch to hold your treasure lets you feel secure as you go about your daily routines.

Going on a more risqué touch is the Male Power Brass Buckle Moonshine Brief, and you better believe it when it says “moonshine” ‘cause it beams out sex appeal with side and back openings that are such a delight to see. This mens underwear style makes the strappy feature of the brass buckle brief more visible as it is abundant in showing off skin in the most inviting way. All is secured as well when it comes to the pouch function, allowing support and comfort for a long day ahead.

Lastly, showing off skin is also a thong’s thing, that’s why the  Male Power Brass Buckle Thong isn’t left behind when it comes to looking wild and naughty. Taking the form of the classic thong mens underwear structure, it provides an ample amount of coverage at the front, support at your treasure and an erotic opening at the sides. The bums are on full flare as the cut rises up to reveal those slap-worthy bum cheeks. Each pair of the Male Power Brass Buckle range mens underwear creates that dominating look of a leather illusion, matched with metallics that is not too heavy to look at.

Male Power presents quite a number of mens underwear designs to choose from, going from hard fierce looks to soft and feminine play of lace for mens lingerie pieces. This mens underwear brand sure knows how to gather the attention and taste of underwear loving men who have specific fantasies in mind. Johnnies Closet proudly presents the Male Power brand, alongside other known mens underwear brand online. Visit us for more underwear collections that fit your fancy at https://www.johnniescloset.com.au

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