Chained & Shackled in a Sexy Mens Underwear Collection by Gregg Homme

The ultimate fetish mens underwear has arrived in a stunning form, courtesy of Gregg Homme. The “Shackled” collection is one of the sought after mens underwear styles in the market, with its bondage club feel adorned with a leather look and chain details. This collection is an ultimate standout and has a fierce look on its own, effortlessly exuding sex appeal to anyone brave to wear it. The mens underwear collection released by Gregg Homme presents their take on the briefs and jockstrap underwear style that are truly inviting to wear.

I am sexy but not too showy,” says the the Gregg Homme Shackled Briefs with Chain Attachment. This mens underwear style takes the form of the classic briefs with minimal amount of opening at the front like the metal ring connection and wide strappy details on the side. Because it is part of the Shackled collection, it has attachable and detachable chain adornments that can be easily clipped on and removed at the front. The pouch area provides a good amount of support for your ready-to-play member.

Meanwhile, the Gregg Homme Shackled Jockstrap mens underwear speaks “arrived and ready to get rowdy.” Boys who like to play rough and get down and all freaky will surely love this take on the jockstrap style. Almost similar to the briefs design at the front, this mens underwear piece gives a nice reveal at the back, allowing you to freely move about and show off those slap-worthy buns. Both designs are designed to provide a butt lifting effect, and when things get to the next level, the pouch can be easily detached to unleash your wild thing.

The Gregg Homme brand has been known for sexy, functional and playful when it comes to their mens underwear aesthetics and we are loving every piece of their concepts. Johnnies Closet proudly presents the brand on the site, alongside a huge number of known mens underwear brand online and dozens upon dozens of underwear styles to choose from. Visit Johnnies Closet today at

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