Feel Liberated and Free with these Freshly Dropped G-strings on Thee!

From erotic and sexy to pretty and cute, Spangla Designs opens up with options on their G-string collection that have freshly dropped at the Johnnies Closet website! If you’re a huge mens lingerie or mens underwear fan, pretty sure you’ll go gagging in no time with the release of their G-string collection that is perfect to match you other favourite intimate mens lingerie pieces. Read on as we explore the new designs from Spangla.

Just as we have released at the Johnnies Closet website, and featured on our blog entries, G-strings make a perfect match to bra tops and camisoles, not to mention adding garters and stockings to complete the look. However, there are two selections to explore. The lace specials, the printed and the provocatively giving (see-through) ones. Whichever you pick, we won’t judge… believe us when we say, we’d love to see it on you! So here to start off with the pack are the lacey g-string pieces, based with distinctly coloured stretch satin fabric at the bottom, mashed up with lace for a teasing effect, and adorned with a tiny bow front. Because it is a g-string mens underwear piece, it can go undetected under your choice of clothing, and surely, your partner will be blown away once you give the big reveal.

Dabbling around the same mens underwear and mens lingerie structure, there are also the  Valentine’s Day specials in red and the printed pouch that shows off your sweet and feminine side. These batch of g-strings are a timeless delight, fitting to any occasion you would want to wear it. Of course, everything becomes special once you put on a g-string! All of the underwear pieces you see here provide a sufficient amount of support for your bits while showing more skin from behind and glimpses at the front for those that have a see-through effect to it. All depending in design and fabric choice, these Spangla Designs g-string mens lingerie are of high quality, built to last for your never ending mens underwear and mens lingerie fantasies.

Spangla Designs is an in-house brand of Johnnies Closet and you’ll find a wide variety of mens underwear and mens lingerie collections to choose from. Joined by other known mens underwear brands online, Spangla Designs continue to deliver feminine and functional mens lingerie pieces that are worth adding to your underwear stash. Order yours today and have it delivered right at your doorstep in DISCREET PACKAGING through Johnnies Closet https://www.johnniescloset.com.au

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