A Lacey Lovely Thong Treat from Spangla Designs!

Know that Spangla Designs is a master for showing us the harmony of matching satin fabric with lace to come up with a lovely mens underwear and mens lingerie piece. Fulfilling the fantasies of feminine mens underwear lovers, the brand has just recently released a wide range of mens lingerie pieces that go well together and also versatile enough to be mixed and matched with each other. Today we feature the Spangla Lacey Lovely Thong, a colourful, flirty and fun treat for mens lingerie lovers.

Once you mix lace to a mens underwear style, it leans towards the lingerie style which are appealing to a chosen crowd of underwear lovers. Feminine as it looks, these mens lingerie pieces allow intimate moments and the illusion of a flamboyant private time to come alive. Spangla continues to achieve just that with these thong mens underwear pieces that present distinct fit and flare. Each mens underwear piece shows a stretch shiny lycra in a variety of colours, made to support a man’s treasure, no matter the size. Making it even more intimate is the touch of floral lace that runs at the front to the sides. The front look is topped with a sweet touch of a satin bow.

As a thong mens underwear would look from the rear, the Spangla Lacey Lovely Thong shows off your bums in the most generous possible way as a thong underwear would do. The colour that can be found at the crotch area also runs to the back, accentuating a bum that is worth showing off or peeping through the pants. Overall, the Spangla Lacey Lovely Thong mens underwear style gives out a silky and lacey feel to the wearer, comfortable and sexy to wear on a regular day – not to mention, letting you feel pretty and feminine in your private moments.

Spangla Designs continues to make unique and stunning mens underwear and mens lingerie pieces that cater to every underwear lover’s fantasy. Whatever the style or cut, trust that the brand would know how to give you what you would want to wear. Johnnies Closet presents the Spangla Design brand alongside other known mens underwear brand online, letting you pick and shop amongst a wide selection of functional to intimate wear. Visit Johnnies Closet at www.johnniescloset.com.au today and have your orders delivered in discreet packaging right at the comforts of your own home.

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