Johnnies Closet Releases Exclusive Dresses to Impress Both Sexes!

On this day and age, being sexist is a thing of the past. It may continue to be embodied by others in a bad way but there is a big majority of people that surely knows how to embrace a non-sexist attitude. Just as lingerie can now be a thing for men, Johnnies Closet boldly introduces dresses that are made to impress, and yes, for both sexes! And that’s a rhyming phrase for you!

Nylon laces, stretch fabrics and fishnets make up these feminine dresses that are designed for both the male and female body. All embody a very intimate look as each piece exhibit a see-through effect that adds a huge dose of sex appeal to the garment. Patterned to a regular one-piece dress, designs and openings vary from every design, accentuating your body’s best parts. To top it all off, it goes perfectly well with your choice of lingerie or underwear.

A good reveal of what’s underneath may be at hand, but each design caters to each man or woman’s fantasy, providing a comfortable fit and flattering cuts. The colour shades also go from the basic black that compliments the overall design, to an eye-catching splash of neon that compliments what you’re wearing underneath.

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