Don’t Panic, it’s Metallic! The Magic of Metallic Mens Underwear

When you think of “metal” and its properties, one thing that immediately comes to mind is that its hard and tough. But, there are actually the malleable types that can be easily molded into a desired shape. Also, the element itself is used for futuristic themes and for flamboyant parties for the shine and shimmer. Applying it to mens underwear design, metal can be a really stunning piece, but of course, it is not actual metal that is used as underwear fabric.

Known underwear brands like Male Power have come up with an interesting play of the metallic look for mens underwear design and incorporated it into underwear styles like boxer briefs, thongs and pouch/ g-string underwear. They capture the metallic look, but present a flexible, stretchable and functional underwear piece. These designs are often used to flash on parties and even for personal use by those who love a metallic look.

Metallic look for underwear is best incorporated with the spandex fabric which is actually perfect because underwear should be able to fit right and provide support for the whole day and for any activity. No matter what the occasion, metallic mens underwear pieces are showstoppers and never fail to make an impression, whatever the underwear cut or style.

Interested to add metallic underwear to your stash? There are a variety of mens underwear designs that embody the metallic element in a very fashionable and stylish way, even incorporating small details of real metal to the underwear itself. Check out a huge selection of metallic mens underwear and other underwear styles and collections from known brands online at Johnnies Closet

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