Mens amd Womens Bodystockings

Bodystockings are stockings made to fit snugly over your entire body. And this snazzy style of sexy lingerie will have you feeling comfy and silky smooth as soon as you’ve slipped inside one. Beautiful sheer fabrics – stretch lace, fishnet, crochet net, chain lace and spandex matched with an impressive selection of stunning designs to best suit your personal body shape. And that’s the magical thing about Body Stockings – they are ideal for hiding all those annoying blemishes and skin imperfections that we don’t want to have on show. Yet you can still feel sumptuously sexy and enjoy movie star glamour in a gorgeous figure-hugging piece of lingerie, because it enhances your natural womanly curves while supporting your wobbly bits at the same time. Greet him at the door tonight wearing only a black stretch net Strappy Butterfly Bodysuit and we promise you, your love life will sizzle! Isn’t it time to thrust yourself into a beautiful Bodystocking from Johnnies Closet and see what all the fuss is about?

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