Of Corsets and Men: Shaping a Desirable Form One Cinch at a Time

Fun fact! Did you know that men’s bodies tend to become more compressible in a corset than that of women? Yes, it does! It is probably because back in the later part of the 1700s up to the early 1800s, men have conformed to the idea of “high fashion,” which basically involves being form-fitted and yes, it was made possible by a corset. Although the period when it was required was short lived as ridicule and insults came in by the mid-1800s. Luckily, up to this day, the practice of men wearing corsets has survived and is still being incorporated in present day trends and fashion.


Wearing a corset does not directly translate as a sign of being feminine, but rather, tidying up a body’s shape for a cleaner and neater overall look. Another thing, corsets that are well-made provide back support for both men and women. Men prefer to wear corsets because it is more comfortable (and stylish) than wearing back braces to treat scoliosis or other chronic back issues. Even well-known people in history wear corsets for the benefit that it brings, such as the late US President John F. Kennedy and American artist Andy Warhol.


For aesthetic purposes, many men wear corsets as a basic necessity and foundation for their usual formal wear like the tuxedo. With this, most of the modern corset makers have innovated this miracle shape maker in a more discreet form like the waistcoat corset. Fans of the classic corsets structure will always stick with the classic because they fully understand how it gives them a flattering overall figure like that of an hour glass, that is, an accentuated V shape that runs from the shoulders down to the waist.

Cross dressers or drag queens are the famous ones to wear corsets nowadays because it helps them achieve a sexier form when they desire to achieve a feminine figure. They actually use corsets built for women which is completely different from a corset for men. They choose to wear this underneath their choice of clothing to help exaggerate their look as they add pads to their hips, buttock and breasts, and others show it off as part of their overall burlesque outfit.


With the innovation of technology and fashion, corsets have evolved from being a functional garment to an intimate one like that of lingerie for men and women. Materials used today vary from leather, spandex or stretch fabric, satin, mesh and many more, all serving a different purpose for a certain type of occasion and fantasy.



In summary, wearing a corset does not define your sexuality and there are still reasons that are not gender related as to why men wear corsets up to this day and age. Be it as a form of therapy, fashion or a personal fantasy, there’s nothing wrong with trying on a corset because you’ll never know how it will benefit you unless you try it for yourself.

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