Mens Leather Underwear

Mens Leather Underwear, Leather  Look Thongs, G strings and Hot Shorts

Some of our men really love Leather Underwear and can be very particular how it looks and what type of leather it is made from, is it soft or hard and does it have metal accents to add to the sexy look. Also does it have that leather look,  touch and smell. Other men are happy with the leather look styles which tend to be cheaper but still have the same look. If it is real leather to be worn on a regular basis you will have to take care of the cleaning of the garment and treating it with tender loving care so it will last a long time or choose the faux leather which is usually synthetic and can be cared for easily.

Ranges of mens leather underwear include Thongs, G string and Jock Straps with elastic or stretch fabric in the back for extra comfort, Boxer Shorts with snap open fronts and Harnesses. The leather can be mixed with stretch fishnet in T Shirts or added in the side of Briefs for a different look and makes it more flexible around the body shape. Add a few metal chains, studs and rings to make the leather more extreme and ready for some sexy fun - most leather is used for party times and not necessary for everyday use, maybe try a leather pouch under your clothes to see how you go first.

We stock the complete range of Allure Lingerie leather underwear for men which is a high quality manufactured real leather garment, we also have their range of soft vinyl leather look underwear which is very popular with our customers at Johnnies Closet

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