Mens See Through Underwear

Mens See Through Underwear, Mens Sexy See Thru Briefs, Sheer Thongs, G strings Jock Straps and Boxer Shorts

How cute is my man in mens see-through underwear, with his package just showing through in the front or his butt showing in the back. I love my man in some sexy sheer see-thru undies especially a pair of black Briefs or Boxer Briefs. 

Depends which fabric you may like the best, there are a lot of choices including sheer nylon, crystal, lycra, fishnet in different sized net and stretch mesh. I prefer the stretch mesh as it is a finer than fishnet but also has the same effect, it is very stretchy and covers his package very softly surrounding it and lifting it. The darker colours are not as see through as the light colours and in white his Love Stick is very revealing and stands out baring it all. If he is wearing his briefs - then you can see the fabric stretching around his butt cheeks with kissable detail and ready for a naughty time.

If we are going on a hot date, he likes to wear his special red sheer see thru Boxer Briefs with a pouch front, that tells me - I am hot to trot, his Love Stick bounces around a bit and I do like the jiggling, at least it doesn't go to waste as you can see him moving through the fabric and it is a real turn on, yes I do love him in these briefs...

I find all I need at Johnnies Closet in the way of sheer see-through undies and I always find a new item to add to his collection including Bong Thongs, Boxer Briefs and Pouches from Male Power and Fishnet Jock straps and bottomless Briefs from Wang Jiang, you will find it all here...

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