PetitQ’s Body Harness Line is PRO Physique!

Just like mens underwear, not all body harnesses were created equal. Although, all of them have one goal which is to accentuate the male physique. There’s something appealing in a man wear a harness and it probably is the fact that it draws attention to the straps running around his upper body. PetitQ takes on the body harness accessory and give it their best kinky version that a body harness collector would surely love.

For body harness amateurs, the PetitQ Capel Harness is the best way to start things off, something like, getting the feel of it first. It is designed with a racer back style that adds support for your body, leading to a further fetish fun. It is totally adjustable since it’s elastic, allowing itself to fit almost any body type. This body harness is made with the rainbow coloured print “LOVE” which also is perfect for celebrating Gay Pride. The material is made from elastic microfiber so you can easily wash and wear it.

Diving deep down to your groin is the PetitQ Dunzio Harness. What makes it a bit more extra kinky is the attached O ring that you can lock on to your treasure. The extra strap on the chest is perfect for adding extra support and also leads for further fetish fun. On the bottom, an O ring is attached to maximize your manhood for longer lasting pleasure. The accentuating feature of the harness is at its best, thanks to the wide straps. Overall, it gives more visual pleasure at the front and a bare view at the back.

Covering things up a bit but still keeping it fetishy is the PetitQ Cru Harness. It combines the structure of a cropped top and the body harness with metal O ring in one. The extra fabric that covers the body has a see-through effect thanks to its super silk material. The strap then runs further down under as it reaches down to your member for the C ring attachment. This body harness structure has a wide elastic strap around the core and it leaves the outer sides of the chest for a sexier and teasing look.

PetitQ sure knows how to play with fetish and kink with mens underwear and accessories to compliment it. Their well-thought out construction of garments surely invokes the sexy nature of man while accentuating the best assets of the male physique. Johnnies Closet houses more mens underwear, body harnesses and more from PetitQ and other known mens underwear brands online. Choose from a wide variety of selections on our shop, order and have it dispatched 1-2 working days guaranteed. Your orders will arrive in DISCREET PACKAGING so no need to worry. Check out more mens underwear collections at

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