WHITE SERIES SPECIAL: Cool, Sexy and Classy Tighty Whities from Male Power

Start of the month once again and as promised, we’re here to present you with a series of tighty whities from one of our house brand underwear.  Male Power has been serving us the right amount of sporty, sexy and sass, making them a well-known brand that caters widely to a man’s taste for underwear. Today’s selected white mens underwear pieces for Male Power will surely give you that classic underwear experience with a more show-off-worthy touch.

It’s normally a dissection of mens underwear styles available in the market when we do certain features, so we’re changing it up a bit today. Male Power has quite a number of styles to choose from when it comes to underwear. See-through, sheer, fishnet, peep holes and more, Male Power challenges how low profile to extreme your love for underwear is and here is their take on the classic tighty whities.

Pouch Thong
In a nutshell, the Male Power Men’s Cotton Super Sock Pouch Thong is quite the mens underwear number, not that similar and typical for a thong mens underwear design. The brilliant use of the cotton fabric gives a much more comfortable feel for the usual thong but still giving that plain and sexy look. The bulge is given a nice emphasis with its stitching and it provides the perfect amount of support, however big you’re packing. The amount of skin shown is just enough to also allow you a full range of movement for your desired activity for the day.  Grab this fine thong underwear from Male Power here…

Euro Style Tighty Whities
Looking for a unique cut for the classics? The Male Power Euro style collection offers you its version of the man panty, thong and boxer shorts. It has a nice contour at the front and back, aside from the fact that it almost leave less to the imagination, thanks to its generous use of the stretch mesh fabric. Everything will feel light and breezy in this sexy number and it surely makes a huge difference for the classic mens underwear style in white.  Check out the entire collection here…

Sheer Singlet Bodysuit
Bodysuits are not really your go-to mens underwear style but they do exist. Some actually find bodysuits to be sexy to wear and can accentuate the male body. Male Power gives us their take on the bodysuit with a sheer top that showcases your upperbody physique, while still keeping it modest down under with the shiny spandex attached underwear. It has a nice scoop neck front and narrow back, making you look stunning in white on all angles.  Check out this bodysuit from Male Power here…

Stretch Net Underwear
Mens underwear made from stretch net fabric are such a giveaway and they can be an amazingly effortless tease piece once your clothes come off. Male Power manipulates and modifies the stretch net fabric into fine mens underwear pieces in the form of a thong, bikini brief and Boxer Briefs. Aside from showing off your buns, the thong underwear in this collection reveals a view of what you’re packing underneath while keeping the classic thong underwear design. Same goes with the bikini brief, giving you that cool and breezy experience while still getting the perks of wearing a classic brief. The boxer brief on the otherhand deserves a good spank for being naughty as it has a peek-a-boo opening at the back, making you ready for a hot backdoor action.  Check out more Male Power stretch net mens underwear styles here…

White Lace Selections
Slightly feminine and elegant, the Male Power Lace underwear for men are quite a delight to look at. Aside from the fact that lace fabric gives a romantic and erotic touch to everything, Male Power shapes it to a sexy pouch g-string, thong and boxer briefs. Each mens underwear style in this selection presents a unique way of showing off your sexy bits while still maintaining that fundamental element of comfort and support for long wear. These feminine mens underwear pieces are perfect for everyday, special occasions and even in your private moments as you live out your intimate mens underwear fantasies.  More lace underwear for men from Male Power here…

Male Power has a lot of mens underwear styles to offer. These tighty whities selections for underwear are such a delight and it’s just a small portion of what they have in store! Johnnies Closet proudly presents these stunning underwear collections alongside other known mens underwear brands online. Get shopping today and have your orders dispatched in 1-2 working days, arriving conveniently at your doorstep in DISCREET PACKAGING. Visit us today at https://www.johnniescloset.com.au

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