Pikante Transforms the Classic Boxer Brief Mens Underwear to "Showy and Sexed Up!"

When you hear the style “boxer brief,” first thing that comes to mind is something all covered up and conservative mens underwear style. However, with today’s emerging creativity of mens underwear brands, some have come up with ways to sex up the classic and covered function of the boxer brief… such is the Pikante mens underwear brand.

Pikante sure knows how to turn things around, interestingly, of course. Like their take on some boxer brief designs that show off the male assets, anatomic structure and skin. From the use of fabrics to the cut and opening, this brand steps up along with the competition, as many have also been quite ambitious in achieving a visually and sexually appealing underwear style. Below are just some of the underwear designs for men by Pikante that gives the boxer briefs structure a complete overhaul.

The Pikante Drako Boxer underwear will make you feel like a gladiator as soon as you slip it on. It is made from a special microfiber fabric treated to look like rubber, but without all the sweat issues. The design shows sexy glimpses of skin here and there while providing full coverage. If you want to make a statement with your underwear without being too tiny and skimpy in fit, this is a unique style to try.

A much longer version of the boxer shorts that is contrasted with a bigger show of skin is the Pikante 8440 Pole Dance Thongs. This mens underwear design features a low rise long boxers with an opening on the front and back that shows a camouflage thongs; made from a very soft microfiber, to be used on all kinds of weather; its design that is both on the front and back will give you a sexy look anytime you put on these.

All covered but showy of your anatomical asset is the Pikante Castro Boxer mens underwear, which is a lower rise underwear and leaner in cut than a typical boxer brief and designed with a pouch that is anatomically shaped to be roomy but defining. The result is an ultra comfy fit with with a sexy bulge boost.

Pikante is a known brand in the market for sexy and functional mens underwear designs that show various possibilities for mens underwear styles. From classic briefs, thongs, jockstraps and boxer briefs, Pikante has a wide variety to choose from, in stock and available at Johnnies Closet https://www.johnniescloset.com.au

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